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The "Christopher Robin Nursery Set" Pieces - 17 to 24

robin 17

Large Plate,

piece 17 of 24. "Cherry Stones" from "Now we are Six"

robin 17


Childs Bowl, piece 18 of 24. Depicting "Us two" from "Now we are Six"

robin 18

We do not currently have a picture of piece 19. Can you help?


robin 20   robin 20

Porringer, piece 20 of 24. Depicting characters from "The four friends" and other poems in both "Now we are Six" and When we were very young"

robin 20

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Small lidded bowl, piece 21 of 24. On the opposite side is the quote "you've all got tails like me" taken from the poem "In a fashion". This is in the book "Now we are Six".

robin 21   robin 21

Small lidded preserve dish, piece 22 of 24. With illustration of Pooh and Christopher Robin

robin 22

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Small sugar bowl, piece 23 of 24. With illustrations of Piglet from the Winnie the Pooh Books.

robin 23
Saucer, piece 24 of 24. Scenes from the poem "The Engineer" from "Now we are Six". Goes with cup number 4 of the set. robin 24

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