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four Ashtead jugs

Four Ashtead Jugs

Model J5 - Galleon, decoration code "dy".

Model J4 - "Palm", decoration code "dt". 

Model J35 - Cottage and Garden, decoration code "al". 

Model J5 - Owl in tree, decoration code "fe"

3 decorated Ashtead Potters jugs. (l to r) 

"Brittany" pattern J25, decoration code (ge) fish motif

"Ashtead" pattern J4, decoration code (et)

"Liverpool" pattern J35, decoration code (?) sundial


3 decorated Ashtead jugs
Jug J4

Ashtead Potters Jug J4.

A 1 pint capacity jug decorated with a tied leaves motif, code "gg". This jug also has a "+" mark just above the tree which could be a painters mark.(with the kind permission of Rosemary)

Ashtead "Brittany" pattern jugs

left to right:

J26 - "bf" decoration, J13 "ce/4", J26 "hp", J16 "cv", J26 "hq", J13 "cp"

Ashtead Potters Jugs

a selection of Ashtead Jugs - left to right

J20 - a small creamer in the Dutch pattern, yellow glaze (b)

J13 - 16 cms tall in the Brittany pattern, decoration (cr) royal blue / powder blue hoops

J35 - a Liverpool pattern jug with brown / sepia bands (hp), glaze (k) pearl barley

J39 - a Fluted pattern jug with blue and yellow fern decoration (fy)

J4 - an Ashtead pattern jug with white glaze (g) and bird in a bush decoration (mb)

Ashtead "Ashtead" pattern jugs

left to right:

J11 - "f" powder blue glaze, J6 "et" - leaves, J2 "hd"- "Knight on horseback", J12 "au/4"


4 "Ashtead" pattern jugs

Chinese jug

Ashtead Potters Jug J16

Decoration code "bm" Chinaman

Ashtead Potters Jug J20

Decoration code "cb/k" ?


Ashtead Potters Jug J13

Decoration code "bur" March Hare

Hare jug


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