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These 3 pieces are finished in Pearl Barley glaze (k) and are decorated with Sepia and Brown bands, decoration code "hp".

The jam pot and dish have the Ashtead "fruit top", a hand decorated basket of fruits.

left to right: 

4 band Jam pot model X26. 

"Liverpool" pattern jug model J35.

Honeycomb dish model X7. 7" square.


hp banded
hu banded items Again, these pieces have the Pearl Barley glaze (k) but this time the decoration is Blue and Green bands, the code for this being "hu". Apart from the jam pot, the pieces were probably from a "Breakfast in Bed" set.

clockwise from the left 

"Dutch" pattern Jug model J20.

 5 band Jam Pot model X13.

Side plate model P8

4 band Jam Pot model X26.

Clover leaf cruet set with ball shaped Pepper pot model M29

Egg cup M23.

Comport A4 eh

Ashtead Comports A1 + A4

Above: large size A1 comport. Finished in Pearl Barley glaze (k) and cottage garden decoration "al". This piece is 26cms long by 19 cms wide.

Left: Small size comport A4, finished in Pearl barley glaze (k) and sheaf of flowers decoration "eh". This piece is 17cms long

Right: large size A1 comport. Finished in Pearl Barley glaze (k) and rabbit decoration "cj".


Comport A1 cj
Bowl B32 marks

Ashtead Bowl B32

Decorated in code "gg" tied leaves and finished in Pearl Barley glaze (k). This bowl is 16 cms in diameter.

Bowl B32 "gg" decoration

A selection of pots with "fruit top" lids (l to r)

 X26 - 4 bands, decoration code (bk) brown/white hoops, ivory glaze (g)

 X13 - 5 bands, "hu" decoration code, pearl barley glaze (k)

 X13 - 5 bands, no decoration code, ivory glaze (g)

X62 - 3 bands, decoration code model "bf" Harlequin bands, ivory glaze (g)

X5- 11 bands,  decoration code model "bf" Harlequin bands, ivory glaze (g)

 X26 - 4 bands, decoration code (hp) gold brown and sepia bands, pearl barley glaze (k)

X20 - straight sides, mauve glaze (s)

B4 - "f" powder blue glaze

X26 - 4 bands, decoration code model "bf" Harlequin bands, ivory glaze (g)


fruit top pots
Ashtead Potters "gazelles" plates

Ashtead "Gazelles" plates (P6) and charger (P?)

Designed by David Furse. The charger is unusual in that there are very few plain black (r) Ashtead wares. The smaller dessert plates are far more common and can be found in other colours including Cinnamon (t), Celadon (d), and Apple green (o) in addition to the Jade Green (v) and Royal Blue (c) shown here. Another variant of this plate is covered dish P9. This is a slightly deeper "gazelles" plate, with a lid, the handle of which is in the shape of a hare.

Ashtead Potters covered jar X29

finished in powder blue glaze (f). This piece is very "Art Deco". The significance of the camel motif is not know although it looks similar to that found on "Camel" cigarettes. It is about 19cms tall.


J15 J15 J15

Ashtead Potters Tankard J15

This splendid tankard is decorated with a woodland scene showing nymphs, elves and goblin in silhouette. The date code is for 1925/6 and the glaze in cinnamon (t). The tankard stands 15 cms tall.(

photographs kindly supplied by S & E. Bassett)


Ashtead Potters Egg Cup Holder P?

The plate on left is in "gg" decoration and that on the right is not known.

Ashtead Potters Cho-kr Patent ashtray S24

Finished in "Apple Green" glaze (o)

(photograph courtesy of Paul Morris)

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